Mosaic Wealth Planner Bug Fixes: BI-WEEKLY version

OPTION 1: Support team migrates you to the newest version (free of the bugs on this page).

OPTION 2: Fix bugs personally

While I devoted dozens of hours to meticulously building the planner and allowed several beta testers to experiment with it prior to launch, there have unfortunately been a few bugs. Unlike apps which could be fixed with an update on my end, edits must be done by the user for a product like this one.

Please locate the bug(s) which apply to you below, and if you purchased BEFORE the resolution date, please apply the fixes according to my provided instructions.

1. Impact: Moderate 🟠

Savings Bucket Tracker is not pulling in amounts saved in budgets 2 and 3 for Jan-Dec and budget 1 for Jan and Feb.

Tab: Savings Bucket Tracker
Section: “Actual saved” rows
Bug: Tracker is not pulling in amounts actually saved 

Resolved: Wed, July 10, 2024 at 12:30pm EDT

Fix option 1 (Recommended): Request to be migrated to the new, bug-free version. Booking link is found at the top of this webpage.
Fix option 2: If you haven’t added a lot of information/numbers yet, re-download the master copy via your purchase download link, and start fresh. 
Fix option 3: Manually enter actual savings each month into the tracker.

2. Impact: Moderate 🟠

Income is not visible in the budget 3 expense tracker drop-downs for September, October, November and December. 

Tab: Expense Trackers for September, October, November and December
Section: Drop-downs to match expenses to budget lines; bug is in budget 3 only
Bug: Income is not present in the drop-down list 

Resolved: Sat, July 13, 2024 at 9:45pm EDT

(MUST BE DONE ON PC) Navigate to the September Expense Tracker tab. Go to Data > Data validation. In the “Data Validation Rules” panel that appears to the right, scroll to the very bottom to find the rule for cells AS8:AS138. Click this cell range. Under “Criteria”, change 373 to 353.

Repeat these steps for October, November and December.

3. Impact: Moderate 🟠

Emergency fund calculation should be taking in your variable spending 2 times rather than once, because variable spending is on a per-paycheck basis.

Tab: Savings Bucket Tracker
Section: Starter EF
Bug: Should account for 2x variable spending

Tues, June 18, 2024 at 8:13am EDT

Go to the EF table, “Starter EF” value (cell E14).  Replace the existing formula with the following:

=IFERROR( (SUM(‘START HERE’!V7:V16))*2 + SUM(IFERROR(FILTER(‘START HERE’!$P$7:$P$99, ‘START HERE’!$R$7:$R$99=TRUE), 0)) + ((SUM(IFERROR(FILTER(‘START HERE’!$P$108:$P$113, ‘START HERE’!$R$108:$R$113=TRUE), 0)))*52)/12 + (((‘START HERE’!$AJ$10)*26)/12), “” )

4. Impact: Low 🟡

High-interest debt summary next to each month’s first budget is showing an error on the top line if you have more than 2 high-interest debts.

Tab: Month tabs
Section: Blue table attached to block 3 of each month’s first budget
Bug: Will show an error on the first line if you have more than 2 high-interest debts

Tues, June 25, 2024 at 3:30pm EDT

In the “Description” column of the blue table attached to the Extra Debt Payments section, there are formulas in rows 3-7 that don’t need to be there. Simply click the cells in rows 3-7 (description column only) and click delete to clear the formula. This will need to be done on every month tab.

5. Impact: Extremely Low 🟡

On the Annual Dashboard, the progress field of the Savings Progress table is expressed as a dollar figure rather than a percentage.

Tab: Annual Dashboard
Section: Blue table above the Savings Progress chart
Bug: Should be expressed as a percentage, not a dollar amount

Tues, June 18, 2024 at 9:33am EDT

(MUST BE DONE ON PC) Click the progress cell (cell T11). On your menu bar, next to the font and zoom settings, you will see a “%” sign. Select that. Your progress will now be accurately represented as a percentage. 


If you prefer not to migrated by the support team but would still like assistance in making the required changes, please temporarily allow edit rights to your spreadsheet to You will need to go to View > Hidden Sheets > BACKEND-3 if you wish to have me fix bug 1. 

If you have a lock icon on your tab name, I won’t be able to edit the tab. Navigate to the BACKEND-3 tab, go to Data > Protect Sheets and Ranges, then in the panel that appears to the right, click the content that is currently locked and click the trash can icon to delete the protections.

With these steps completed, please send me an email and I will fix the bugs ASAP.

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