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my philosophy

Budgeting is about so much more than crunching numbers and creating pretty charts. It's a lifestyle. And it looks different for each of us. It's important that you see yourself and what fulfills YOU in your financial plan. That's the key to making budgeting an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

I'm here to teach you how to budget with wealth-building in mind. You may feel like you're far from it, ill-prepared, not knowledgeable enough, but I'm going to help you shatter those thoughts!

Budget to invest. Invest to build wealth.

meet the founder

Hi! I'm Rachel. Three things I love: wealth-building, power naps, and rooting for the underdog. So I've really hacked this thing called life by making money while I sleep and teaching the underdog (women) how to do the same. Pretty amazing, right? I'm committed to taking the guesswork out of money management, while also making it fresh and bright. Stick around to learn more about my signature budgeting system, The 8-Part Budget® and discover why thousands of women have implemented it, too. We're going to accomplish a lot together. :) See you inside!

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Kind Words

I discovered Rachel on Instagram and quickly her page became one of my favorites to follow. I was actually learning something watching her short reels, and I was eager to learn more, so I invested in her membership program – and it honestly changed my life! Rachel’s program gets you thinking BIG about your money. It’s not just about understanding how to budget month to month, it’s about learning how to invest in the type of future you want and how to protect yourself in the present so that you can truly be independent and financially secure.


the RMP difference


All budget planners feature my custom framework, The 8-Part Budget, designed to help you direct your money with both wealth AND fulfillment in mind. Daily planners include staggered page heights to provide a simultaneous daily and weekly view, a layout not seen in any other planner on the market.


Each Mosaic planner is printed, assembled, and hand-coiled in-house. Only superior quality materials - Mohawk 80lb text paper, durable silver aluminum coils, satin photo paper covers - are used.

Mosaic Planners

Physical + Digital Solutions

Whether you are a pen and paper lover or a digital planner, RMP has tools to help unlock a more organized, wealthier you.


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